I know that you think you just need more accountability.  That if somebody just held you accountable, that you would be able to finally create the life that you want.  The problem is, that just is not working for you.  If we could simply create the life we wanted by having an accountability partner, we would all be crushing all of our goals right now.  Think about it.  You probably already know the exact steps to go out and create what you want in the world.  You just cant seem to make yourself do it.  And that is the problem:  We can’t FORCE ourselves to do anything long term.

The truth is, there is a better way.  You are so busy running and hiding from the parts of you that you don’t like, that you have zero capacity to go out in the world and create success.  In this podcast I am going to cover why accountability isn’t working for you and your success.  The only thing that really works is learning to like who you REALLY are.  Flaws included.  Self-doubt included.  Anxiety included.

Take a listen, and when you are done I would love to hear your biggest takeaway.

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