Want to know what actually works?

I remember the first time I invested in coaching. It was more than I had ever spent on myself – it sounded insane. It was more đź’˛ than I was actually making in my business. But I was stuck … I wasn’t moving the needle at all. I wasn’t showing up for my business. But worse – I wasn’t showing up for myself.

I knew what I “should” be doing … but I couldn’t seem to make myself do it. My career felt like a hobby. And that’s how I treated it.

My own dreams and aspirations felt like an after-thought. And that’s how I treated them. In fact – I didn’t think about them. Ever.

Somewhere in the middle of getting married, buying a house, having kids … I slipped away. And I was desperately unhappy.

And I blamed people. My husband for not knowing how to make me happy. My business for not motivating me. My past for damaging me.

**And none of it served me**

I tried anti-depressants and I discovered what feeling nothing felt like. It wasn’t my answer.

I went to counseling, it helped, but I never found long lasting change, only temporary relief. It wasn’t my answer.

**Coaching saved me**

>>I discovered how to love myself so fully that I no longer needed my husband to make me happy, I could just be happy.

>>I discovered how to find a business I love and how to do everything I needed to do – no matter how I was feeling.

>>I discovered how to process my past. How to process emotion. How to move forward with deep love for myself and everyone else in my life.

I discovered how to dream again.

That’s given me EVERYTHING.

It was never outside of me.

It never came from ANYONE else!

This is what my clients learn đź’Ş