She took it all BACK!

Can you believe it?  We spent hours trying on the clothes in her closet and creating outfits.  Hours shopping and discovering the PERFECT pair of pants that fit her like a glove.  These pants were the holy grail of pants.  They tied together so many looks in her closet.  And she took them back.

Why?  Because she decided they cost too much.  Because the truth is, we absolutely MUST address our belief systems when it comes to what we are willling to invest in ourselves.  My business model is on the move.  I now offer COACHING on confidence.  This is not optional.

Let me tell you why she really returned those pants.  She would tell you that she returned them because they were not worth the money.  I call bullshit.  In the absolutely most loving way possible, but still, bullshit.

She returned those pants because she decided SHE wasn’t worth it.  Here is what I know:  We tried on every pair of pants in her closet.  None of them were perfect.  We could make some of them “work”.  Her body type made pants a challenge, and she had a specific way that she wanted them to fit.  These were the ONLY ones that fit like that.  Because they were designer.  Because the fabric and the cut was impeccable.  She looked incredible in them and we built outfits using them.  So when she returned them, nothing else worked.

We have to DECIDE that we are worth clothing that fits us.  We are not just worth “on sale” or the “discount section”.  The path to true confidence lies in believing that we have value.  That dressing the body that we have right now has worth.  And it does NOT have to be on sale.  THIS is what I help you see – your VALUE.  Please hear me – YOU ARE WORTH IT!