Closet Makeovers

  • Together we discover what is working in your closet and what isn’t. This isn’t your typical closet clean-out.
  • We take measurements & identify your body type.
  • We then style the pieces that you have in there already. We “shop” in your closet and identify what we need to add so that getting dressed is no longer an “I have nothing to wear moment”

Shopping with a Stylist

  • Ever wish that somebody could just go shopping for you – save you time and ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated the minute you step into the dressing room? You NEED this! With the option of a stylist pre-shopping before your appointment – you will save SO MUCH time!
  • We ensure you are trying on pieces that add OUTFITS to your closet! We identify boutiques that fit your style and body type, and pull pieces that will make shopping the BEST experience!
  • We are your “best friend but better” when we are out shopping. Honest feedback, combined with loving suggestions and styling the pieces you try-on
  • You have the option of a style “look book” where we take pictures of each outfit that we create for your easy reference

Mindset Coaching

  • When is the last time you invested in YOURSELF? Too many times, as mothers and bosses, we put ourselves on the back burner. Together we shift our focus, ensuring that we show up for ourselves – FIRST.
  • What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? This is EVERYTHING when it comes to feeling beautiful. Changing the way we think about our bodies will be life changing when it comes to the outfits we chose and wear for the life we WANT!

Special Events

  • Do you have an upcoming event? A photo-shoot, a public speaking engagement? We are here to help you look AMAZING for your BIG day!

Let’s Talk

Hello – If we haven’t connected yet – let’s start with a 30 Minute Fashion Clarity Call.