Self-Love is Not Optional

When you look at your body with criticism, you will always find the problem.

And the problem will always be you.

You will think the problem is the fat.  You will think the problem is your shape.  You will think the problem is you and all of the things that are wrong with YOU.

And then you will prove yourself right.  Again.  And again.  And again.

Because that is what our brains do.  And it’s normal. 

But self-love can never come from here.

What if there was nothing wrong with you?  Just as you are.  At this moment?

What would you say to yourself?  How would you treat yourself?  How would you treat your body?

At first, this will be hard.  You won’t know what to do.  You won’t know how to accept yourself.  Saying it to yourself will feel like a lie.

But the more you ask your brain this question, the more you will question whether that voice in your head is right.  The more you will question whether what it’s feeding you is actually true.

You will start building a new pathway in your brain.  The more you walk that path, the more defined that path becomes and the easier it becomes to walk on.  And the other (more negative) paths start to grow weeds from lack of use.

Self-Love comes from here.

Self-Love is not optional.  Everything you have ever wanted in your life comes from Self-Love.

Happiness.  Confidence.  Love.  Success.  Money.

When you decide that loving yourself fully is not optional … I’m here for you.  Let’s talk.