Over the last few years I have had the distinct pleasure of dressing hundreds of women … literally hundreds. And let me tell you what I know for sure: Every woman that I meet has a thing. What kind of thing? Everything you could imagine. She is “too short”, “too fat”, “too square”, “too petite”, “too athletic”, “too pear shaped”, “too skinny”. You name it – I have absolutely heard it! Do you want to hear the crazy thing – I just never really see it! I honestly believe that every woman that I meet is uniquely beautiful. I can ALWAYS find something amazing about them.

Ladies, we are so freaking MEAN to ourselves! And then once we go through the battery of all the things that are WRONG with the way we look, we jump into some body hating activity to try and “fix” what we have deemed to be “broken”. Insert diet, surgery, weight loss pill, numbing activity, quick fix here! What if there was just a better way?

Here’s what I know. When we dress the bodies that we have right now – we are able to FEEL better about ourselves. What do I mean? I don’t mean throw on a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt and call it a day! Women are forever HIDING their bodies, because they have judged them imperfect. I often hear this then justified behind needing to be “comfortable”. I have nothing against a pair of quality leggings … paired with a great top and a cute cardigan, or a beautiful scarf on occasion … but you deserve better. One of my most comfortable pair of pants are dress pants!

What I think we are missing, is that in our attempt to “hide”, we are doing our mental health a disservice. It’s like telling yourself “you aren’t good enough” every day. What if I told you that you could dress well, be comfortable and celebrate what’s beautiful about you right now? Here is my challenge – why not start consciously looking at the clothing you put on your body today? Does it celebrate something you like about yourself? Or are you hiding? I’d love to hear about it!