Have you been bullied?

As a child, as a teen, as an adult? Maybe you were bullied in your marriage or at your job. Regardless of where it happened, it’s important to heal and not shove it down, which is what so many of us do.

My friend and colleague Elyse Conroy and I get raw and REAL in this video. We share our stories of bullying and also give you everything we did that didn’t work in our past. (spoiler alert: numbing, drinking, avoiding and shoving it down) We also share what DOES work, and how each of us healed and have subsequently created lives we LIVE and LOVE.

We talk about:

👉 What REALLY happened to us (no sugar coating)
👉 How worth and lovability are not defined by how others treat you
👉How to ACTUALLY stop believing what other people told you about you and get on with your life

This work is about deciding to care what YOU think more. It’s about healing before moving on.

Let us know your biggest takeaway in the comments!

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More about Elyse Conroy:

After spending 15 years as a Corporate Executive in the Beauty Industry, Elyse Conroy quit it all.


Because she failed.

Now, it’s important to know that when Elyse got into beauty, she aspired to make women feel beautiful & confident with the products she created.

But after launching thousands of products for some of the biggest beauty brands in the game, she realized that the products she created were serving as a band aid & when woman washed their face, there went their confidence, security, and feelings of beauty right down the sink.

She saw that women wanted more out of life but were stuck in the pattern of trying to fix themselves from the outside in.

So, she got to work, left her corporate 9-5, embarked on a world-wide self-development journey and learned that all the feelings we want are created from the inside out.

She now coaches high-performing women how to take confident action now in their lives through 1:1 Programs, Retreats & Virtual Workshops.