Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It’s a complicated day for many – and I am no exception.

Here’s the thing I remember about my mom. She was beautiful. She always dressed well. Her hair was done. Her makeup was done. And while I didn’t necessarily love her style – when my mom dressed up she looked like a million dollars. I idolized her, wore her high-heels whenever I could and longed for the time when I could wear makeup and wear those spiky heels so I was as beautiful as she was. I’ll tell you what I never saw – her size. To me, my mom was a Goddess. Even looking back at old photo’s of my mother, her weight went up and down and without exception I still think she was beautiful in every photo.

Today, I see many of my friends and clients photo’s as they go on vacation and celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day. Thanks to smartphones we can delete any image where we don’t like the way we look. What’s most alarming to me – is how many mama’s have pictures of their kids, their spouse, the scenery, but somehow there is not a single photo of her, or if there is, she’s hiding in the background.

I’d like to live in a world where we don’t look at a picture and immediately shame ourselves for what we are lacking. Where we could post a picture and not need to add 8 filters and hide in the background so that it feels “instagram ready”. Mama’s take those “unflattering shots” and KEEP them! Take pride in them – because the one’s that matter – they think you’re PERFECT. They think you’re GORGEOUS. And speaking as a woman who would give anything to see my mom again – those pictures are EVERYTHING.