Anxiety, Anger & Allowing Emotions

Anger, Anxiety, Rage, Guilt, Shame, Envy.  These are all emotions, and for many of us, they scare the ever loving sh$t out of us.

The reason why they scare us is because of how we act when we feel them.  Or more accurately how we react or try to quash them out of existence.  These emotions, believe it or not, are definitely emotions that we are supposed to feel.  It’s just that nobody has ever taught us how to do that in a way that actually serves us and others.

Today’s podcast goes deep into painful emotions, what causes them and how to actually start dealing with them in a healthy way.  Spoiler alert – hiding from them is not the answer.

I am sharing my own personal experience with anxiety and rage, plus I am giving you the tools that I use and the ones I teach my clients to have a healthy relationship with all of the feels.  Take a listen and if you have time … pop on and give me your biggest takeaway.