Welcome!  My name is Amanda.

I am a Life Coach and I understand what it’s like to feel emotionally broken.

I understand what it’s like to be afraid of painful emotions like anxiety and shame and disappointment and sadness and resentment and grief and all of the other negative emotions.

I’ve been at rock bottom.

I tried all the ways to dig myself out.  Blaming.  Drinking.  Escaping.  Therapy.  Self-Help Books.  Seminars.  None of them worked.

Coaching saved my life.

I have learned how to take responsibility for my own emotional experience.  I have learned how to no longer care what other people think.  I have learned how to build and cultivate relationships and experiences that I am in love with.

I became a Certified Life Coach so that I could help you become the woman that you have always dreamed about.

Just like I did.

Let’s start changing your life.


Is it Time to Change Your Life?

I spent more than half of my life trying to fit in.  Trying to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good friend, a good worker and a good mother.  Perfection was everything.

The pursuit of perfection was ruining my life.

The harder I tried to please everyone else, the more I disappointed myself.

The truth is that love and peace and happiness and connection live right here inside of us. It’s just that nobody has ever explained how to access them.

We’ve been taught that the way we get them is through the love and approval of others. 

But the truth is that we need to take them for ourselves.

I promise you … you have this inside of you.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You just haven’t learned how to do it. 

I teach how to process painful emotions.

I teach how to how to affirm your own self-worth.

I teach the secret to forming healthy and fulfilling relationships with yourself and with others. 

Maybe you’ve read the books or tried the mantras. But the reality is that the real change you seek is not happening.

It’s not because you can’t do it.  You are not broken. 

You just need somebody to show you the way

Book a call and let’s talk about how real change can happen starting today 

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